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Brand Introduction
Integrated Silicon Solution Inc. (ISSI) is a technology leader for design, the following main market development and sales of high performance integrated circuit: digital consumer electronics (I), (II), mobile communication network (III) and (IV) automotive electronics. Our main products are high speed, low power SRAM and low density DRAM. We also design and sell EEPROM and pseudo SRAM. We provide low-cost and high-quality semiconductor products for high growth markets and seek long-term relationships with our customers. For a long time, we have been reliable suppliers of memory products, including lower density and smaller volume products, even during periods of tight production.
Product Series
Sensors and integrated circuits (IC)
Application Areas
Consumer electronics / network traffic / cars
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ISSI Relevant Information:
Sunplus (2401) has obtained IP authorization from NetSpeed of CISCO's (Cisco) network silicon intellectual property (IP) factory. As a legal person, it is now equipped with advanced driving assistance system (ADAS) and communication and entertainment system. In the future, it will be expected to use the network to transmit IC in series ADAS and internal products, and to rush the car to use the semiconductor solution market.
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